What to Expect on the First Visit to Sims Dentistry Conroe

In any career, sometimes the experts in that field forget what it’s like to be …not the expert. That’s why we decided to make this video. Sure, we know the process but not everyone does and we want to take away the uncertainty and guesswork.

The first visit is very similar for everyone: gather information and diagnose. We’ll need all your information so that we can best determine the current status of your heath, look for warning signs of developing issues and what preventative measures may be taken to avoid future problems.

The first point of contact is usually a phone call. You’ll speak to one of our administrative staff who’ll assess your immediate needs. After booking an agreeable date and time, all that remains is to show up at the office slightly early to complete medical forms.

Our office is very close to chart-less and paperless. Our patients’ records are stored electronically in redundant storage devices and guarded behind several hardware and software firewalls. That means your medical forms will be completed electronically, as well. After meeting you, one of our admin staff will hand you an iPad that is ready to record all of your information – contact, medical history, medications, financial… It’s as simple as checking the right boxes and signing the end of the page. Our staff knows all about the process; should you have any problems, simply ask and they will be happy to help. From then on, your information remains there; you simply update any changes.

When a hygienist or assistant calls your name, you’ll be guided to a room and a comfortable chair where there will be an examination and possible X-rays. The hygienist, assistant and Dr. Lord will discuss any restorative or preventative measures that may be needed as a result of the findings. Dr. Lord will meet you and present the diagnostic details and, if needed, all of the options available to insure your continued health.

After that, you’re a SDC patient! We’re always excited to meet new people; we’ve developed some great relationships with most of our patients and we look forward to even more.

On a personal note: this blog post is written by Dave Kerr, Director of Operations at Sims Dentistry Conroe. If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or privately email me at Dave@SimsDentistry.com.



A Game of Chance

Male hand rolling five dice on green felt

Don’t be fooled by a slight-of-hand.

Insurance: to some, it is a game.

What you do not know may be causing you to make uninformed decisions about your health, potentially creating a healthcare domino effect that causes long-term additional treatments and cost.

…But what does your policy really say?

Having a PPO does not mean you have to go to a Dentist in your network. Your company will tell you that because it saves them money. Many PPO’s plans allow the insured to choose any provider; it is a question you should ask before you start paying premiums.

In the state of Texas, a company must provide their employees with an option other than a DMO capitation plan (which does not allow you to choose your own dentist). The majority of dentists that participate in these plans are corporate. There is not a standard of care to which they are held accountable – they manipulate their contracts by charging fees that are not on the contract. Many times, these are much higher than an out of network Dentist.

The dentists that participate in network plans use the contract restrictions and limitations to charge the patient for items not listed on the contract so that they are actually receiving more for the same procedure than an out of network dentist would charge. Many corporate dental offices and dentist charge an upgrade on their lab fee. They incorrectly inform their patients that this fee is for a white crown but their plan only covers a less than quality crown. Most often, these statements could be challenged. They will also find other procedures that are not on your plan and charge for them, bringing your total “out of pocket” expense to a greater amount than if you had a private office complete the same crown or procedure.

It is our strict office policy to recommend only what is best for the patient (not the insurance company or what the plan dictates as their restrictions are based on savings for company not the patient). We utilize only the very best labs for our crowns, partials and dentures which increases our practice overhead, however we feel our patients deserve the highest quality available. We maximize your insurance benefits – but we do not play “games” to charge our patients more dollars “out of pocket.” Our goal is to provide our patients with all the information so they can make good, educated healthcare decisions.

What quality of care do you want?


Say Hi to Haylie!

The newest member of our Sims Dentistry Conroe team is Haylie. As part of our administrative staff, she works hard to remind our patients of their hygienic cleanings or the that next step in their treatment process is nearing. Much more than that, she helps pull us all together in many ways and is one of the friendliest voices heard when calling the office.

We want to take a moment and congratulate Haylie; she is engaged to be married in May! She has expressed that family is very important to her and we sincerely wish the very best for her and her three-year-old son.Haylie2

Not content to stay indoors, Haylie’s favorite pastimes
include four-wheeling, camping and fishing. One of her favorite home projects is refurbishing (restoring, upcycling) old furniture. She said some of the key pieces in her home are former labors of love.

We’re so happy to have Haylie as part of the team and look forward to the future of
working side-by-side with someone as good-natured as she. Drop in and meet her – we know you’ll like her too!

Hello from Us!


Left to right: Dr. Brian Lord, Debbie (hygienist), Sarah (hygienist), Sarah (clinical assistant), Holly (admin) and Heather (admin).

This is the first of our weekly blog publications. The goal is to write small essays that intrigue and excite you – and hopefully, show you a little something you didn’t know before. In a addition to this weekly edition, we also leave little notes on Facebook (facebook.com/simsconroe), and publish a monthly video on YouTube.

We have a great deal of faith in our team and we believe our doctor is top-shelf. We’re so confident that we’ve gone to social networks to spread the word. In the coming weeks, we’ll be communicating exciting news about upgrades (that have everything to do with you) that we’ve already implemented and what our plans are for the future. Not only do we strongly believe that we should be the choice dentistry for our area, we believe that you will too.

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